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Algeria Country fact sheet


- Area of the country (km2): 2 381 740
- Official language: Arabic and Tamazight
- business Languages: Arabic, French, English

- GDP 2016: 181,71 Millions Usd (estimated)

- Unemployment rate (31/12/2016): 9,9%

- Population (01/01/2016): 40,4 Millions

- Population (01/01/2017): 41,2 Millions

- Annual Exchange Rates: 1Euro = 115,861 Dzd

                                        1Usd = 110,760 Dzd


Fuseau(x) horaire d'Algérie


The climate is virtually moderate the average temperature in the north: 21 °C rainy season: mid-September to mid May. Dry season: mid May to mid September. In the south, east average temperature: 27 ° C, but very often reaches 40 degrees C in summer.

Algiers : National Museum of Antiquities (Freedom Park), Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions (Off street Hadj Omar), Museum of History and Natural History Museum (Park Freedom), Bardo Museum (3 avenue Franklin Roosevelt), Moudjahid Museum and the Museum of War, the Monument of Martyrs.
Oran : Museum Demaeght (boulevard Zabana).
Constantine : Museum Constantine (Place des Martyrs), Amir Abdelkader Mosque.
Annaba: Museum Hippo Regius.
Kabylie :mountain bordered on the north by sea to the west by the wadi Isser, his mouth to Palestro; south by road Palestro, Bouira, Maillot, Akbou, to the east by the valley of the Soummam.
The Saharan Algeria: the plains and mountains


The Algerian Insurance Market is organized as follows:
Direct Insurance carried by 13 companies namely:
four (04) state owned companies: SAA, CAAT, CAAR, and CASH.
Sept (08) private companies: Trust Algeria, CIAR, 2A, Salama insurance, GAM, Alliance Insurance, CARDIF and AXA.
Two (02) Mutual: CNMA and MAATEC.
One reinsurance company: CCR.
The specialized insurance carried by:
The CAGEX for credit insurance for exports.
The SGCI for Insurance property loans.

Personal insurance (A.P)
- Taamine life Algeria
- Caarama Assurance
- Amana
- AXA Algeria





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Algeria Country fact sheet


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