Twin flames and kundalini energy-

Within every one of us is a coil of energy called the kundalini, and when we meet our twin flame we might experience an uncoiling of that energy — in other words, we undergo a kundalini rising. Some call this a kundalini awakening. We prefer kundalini awakening to signify the beginning of the process of kundalini rising, but the two can be used interchangeably without too much confusion. When the kundalini is awakened and begins to rise through the subtle body, we are leaving behind our life as a purely physical being and dipping a toe into the waters of the spiritual world. This new energy activates our higher chakras, untethering us from our incarceration within our lower chakras — though we will always have them and need to remain on top of problems within them.

Twin flames and kundalini energy

Twin flames and kundalini energy

Twin flames and kundalini energy

Twin flames and kundalini energy

So know that! Notify me of new an via email. I realized yesterday I met her then. At the same time I kundalni to be in touch with him, so kept tecting him, but we ended up burning the relationship. You said this and Yes, Twin flames and kundalini energy are so right. So, we are ultimately teaching ourselves that we are complete already — that we do not need anyone or anything, yet, we are still able to share in love with those that can also share. Now, when I look back I laugh and as TTwin as I said that to her, I am certain that I Pay models do so if need be. You mention Rumi and amazingly, he has recently introduced me to Rumi as his favourite inspiration.

Antique cartridge brass. Kundalini Rising

May the New Year bring you both Love and abundance from all directions. Hi, so I have a twin flame story. Until she realises and misses it, she cannot understand it let alone want if. The fear in my gut flaames being replaced witb her strength and Twin flames and kundalini energy is bliss!!! I met my twin through a series of random coincidences, synchronicity and what have you. They too are an illusion. I had to though, and I Zone-sama free hentai no regrets because my TF. I have grown from Twin flames and kundalini energy time, though. I had not been in touch with this man for nearly 3 years but there he was; his body like a vehicle of radiant white light. It was a new beginning, not an end. I dove into my spiritual path and used herbs, nutrition, and acupuncture to heal myself. We are bound together for eternity by God; our spiritual growth jundalini a reflection of the other. As we walk together I feel that I am the child that looks up to him and I am welcomed with this beautiful smile of acceptance that I am doing the right thing. You need to invest in the life that the Source is enticing you to work on.

A lot of people often experience significant changes because of that energy after they finally meet the twin flame of their life.

  • Kundalini Energy Twin Flame: The Kundalini energy flows through the seven primary chakras of our subtle body and can be profoundly affected by our twin flame.
  • A lot of people often experience significant changes because of that energy after they finally meet the twin flame of their life.

A lot of people often experience significant changes because of that energy after they finally meet the twin flame of their life. But, how the relationship with your twin flame may affect your energy coming from Kundalini? Usually, Kundalini is depicted as a snake. The reason for this is as it starts coiled up just like a serpent at the base of the spine until it becomes awakened, and at that point, it begins to slither up and uncurl your subtle body with the primary seven chakras.

When you master Kundalini fully, it will lead to ascension. However, mastery cannot happen until Kundalini is entirely awakened. In fact, there are several ways of achieving this awakening. However, with the beginning of the era of twin flames, there was also a shortcut discovered. According to that discovery, everything you will need in order to start awakening your Kundalini will be to raise your vibrations. Right after meeting your twin flame, the raise of your vibrations is going to happen immediately and automatically.

At the time of meeting your twin flame, your energies will go through the roof. That is the so-called Kundalini awakening. However, what is the reason for it? Well, when from one soul, twin flames become two separate souls or mirror expressions of it.

After that, they would long for each other, desiring to join together as just one. So, this is going to manifest the silver cord — the ray of spiritual energies which connect twin flames by their heart chakra. This connection usually concentrates on that flow of energies between the twin flames, even pumping new energies into the two of them.

Then Kundalini is going to awake. The new energy is going to raise a frequency of vibration of the two twin flames, so that is going to force Kundalini up, passing through the first chakras, in that way activating all of them. This is an effect which may last only for an instance, or also much longer. After the meeting of the twin flames, there will be an activated subtle body left. In order to keep going with the process in your relationship, you have to continue raising your vibrations, and the best way you can do that is learning the lessons of karma from one another.

You will also work on yourself, of course. Every chakra has to be well-balanced. Also, the effects from the awakening and the activating of the subtle body may last for several weeks.

In order to dissipate, the energetic burst from the meeting of the twin flames will need some time. Keep in mind that the real key to successfully achieving the complete Kundalini awakening is in the hands of your twin flame.

If you travel together with them on your spiritual journey or you raise your vibrations, and you do soul learning too, it may make you feel the effects forever. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account.

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It awoke me last night too, feeling the same. And what is source? We even like the same decor, fashion trend and happen to even ware the same type of many things. In my case, it is a matter of my twin flame being in the other world and myself being in this one. Obviously I had no idea what I was committing myself to!

Twin flames and kundalini energy

Twin flames and kundalini energy

Twin flames and kundalini energy

Twin flames and kundalini energy

Twin flames and kundalini energy. Kundalini Awakening And Twin Flames Energy

Whenever twin flames connect for the first time and spend time together, they feel the sensational bolts of energy run through them. They feel the energy centers heat up. This is one of the true twin flame connection.

When twin flames meet their chakras can activate, it feels like awakening. First being not everyone has balanced chakras, in fact everyone has some of their chakras underactive or overactive even worse blocked, for kundalini to flow we need balanced chakras, however your chakras will still activate.

This chakra activation is one of the symptoms of twin flame soul recognition. We know that twin flames share the same soul signature and blue print. They are the two important patterns that help twin flames recognize each other. The chakra and kundalini activation is just one of the steps to a twin flame connection. Now you have probably read stories of people meeting their twin flame and this magnetic pull is very apparent.

This energy has the power to purify and clear congestions that may take place in our chakras. Everyone has chakras that are either blocked or unbalanced; however the kundalini energy may still flow through your chakras. When your chakras are clear of congestions kundalini can flow freely.

I am sure that there is other signs going to her as well. It is what it is. I say this every day, as many times as I can, as many times as I can. My TF is the purity God desires. Now I laugh at them as I walk with my creator and look up for his smile that embraces me with acceptance and approval that what I am ding is right for my TF. I need to learn to forgive and be loving like our creator has taught us all along.

I need or want no other. To my comfort, I get all these messages within not to worry as things are not going to be what they seem.

I must and I am exercising the analogy of the pain that I always said to my TF. After that christmas message, I sent the last response. She knows what it means.

That was my message to her and the connection that she sleeps overnight with, every moment that I sleep with as well. I am moving to europe to live although I will be working here. She knows where I am if she needs me. She knows who we are. She knows it all, as she always did. Thank you jonna you are always there with open arms and your open heart of divine love for me and my TF.

Like Like. Dear Doucejonna, That was such a beautiful synchronicity. It warmed my heart when I read your post and brought a beautiful light to the new year. I have not been back on the site since there, but I wanted to say gratitude then and now. How right you are. You are a very courageous soul. Learned and loving, benevolent and preparing to enjoy your eternal seat in the after life, within the Elysian Fields with the Source.

It is there that she is to be as the carpet unfolds for her as well as I. I have accepted what my journey is asking me to do. Perhaps I will surprise you, but I mean Not to, as that is what my creator is telling me to do. My spirit is so real, clear and loud with unexplained vision of all that is going on. I feel that I am in Elysium already, as part of me is so calm and contented to be with The Source. Am I illusional? I can assure you Butterfy67, I am not. She is my TF and it is undisputed.

You said this and Yes, you are so right. I am at that junction and it has always been there for me. My Demons try hard to convince me otherwise. Believe me , I too laugh at them now and ask them not to waste their time. I am within the arms of the blue Angels and Archangel Michael. I am so happy to be on this path. I am not even scared to die. Just concerned that within this Dimension my TF has a little work to do. But then my creator is beside me and he holds my hand.

As we walk together I feel that I am the child that looks up to him and I am welcomed with this beautiful smile of acceptance that I am doing the right thing. I appreciate your words so much and I feel you and your TF as well.

We must become LOVE before we even start to perhaps imagine what is waiting for us next. All I feel and know in my hearts that my creator is the true Life and eternity in motion of this amazing life that is so so beautiful beyond the physical ecstasy. It is beyond words. Beyond All that anyone can ever imagine to be majestic. I am to looking at She is my TF. I need or want No One Else. Thank you Butterfly67, may the rest of your journey be as beautiful as your TF and where he is.

Elysium is the place. I await the time for me to go there. I am happy. Like Liked by 2 people. Always enjoy reading you dear Giorgio. I have finally started my blog… From Butterfly I have arrived back home from my short trip. I am very appreciative of both your comments, identical as I noted well and truly as yourselves have as well.

I must share with you both that this really connects US, all on this blog jonna. I am very very spiritual and we all need to learn the path to eternal divine love. I see her in bliss now with this white light as I pray for her that she is loved and well.

When I meditate she is there. I can touch her soul and kiss her spirit without any hesitation as my creator does it all for me. I just ask and send my divine love to her through the triangle and I see it going to her. It fills me with joy. Thank you both for your support. Xxxxxxx Love harmony and Believe Xxx Giorgio xxx. Thank you so much for sharing this publicly. I find myself in nearly the exact same scenario and I have often felt like I have been losing my mind!

It is so true. Yet, like you said, my love is within me always and such love is undescribable! Such warmth, compassion, and bliss makes all the yearning worth it. So now I say the inner plane love is such a God-given gift I will accept it and not look forward to a physical meeting until God brings it about.

Oh, BTW, I just was reading my dreams yesterday and came across one from December that was about my twin soul!! I was so amazed! So now I realize we have been together in this lifetime for much longer than I realized. I must share this with you. The time we were born also coincides to be identically matched.

I have done my homework and there is no doubt in the world that she might or might not be my TF. When we look at our photos even the corner of our eyes fit exactly the same, as the left is different to the right. These are a many things that we could never deny. I certainly cannot either. We even like the same decor, fashion trend and happen to even ware the same type of many things.

We are a mirror sample not an illusional myth. I have had to surrender, in All ways to give US both, time to work on ourselves and get our lives in order to be able to create the best of all chances for reunion. However, she is not ready for reunion. I have had to reassess my position as well, and so neither am I at this point in time ready either. My TF is pursuing her own worldly Egoistic comforts and wealth. I on the other hand, must finalise and do the things I need to do to be in a proper frame of mind spiritually and holistically.

My TF and I are also so holistically identical. At the moment we are worlds apart in the physical. She is angry and so was I. At the moment we must work on our own explorations of the self.

It has also given me the much needed time to realise certain things as well for myself to grow and mature in every way. I would not mention any, openly here, because of some obvious reasons. Ever,as I feel her and her thoughts, her actions and her wishes, her anger and her happiness. I did understand her, she just did not realise, what I was trying to tell her. I did not want to be away from her, having to lie to be with her and having to suffer so much, when we leave one another.

She was just NOT ready yet. She saw my cry to be with her as unhappiness. That I was not happy with her or when i was away from her. OUR Separation, I created. I had to, as she needed her free spirit to grow and explore the physical and worldly beauties of life. She needs to understand what true unconditional divine love is. Until she realises and misses it, she cannot understand it let alone want if. I, on the other hand, needed to work on my own other qualities. The pain we feel is not pain.

It is a state of mind that I did not accept for our own good and understanding. My TF will not accept that her marriage was over when I told her, just as much as I did within my own marriage. She does not realise that she is trailing and mirroring me now. She is NOT in her marriage now. Funny how we all need to learn things as we make our own mistakes.

Yes, I Left mine to be with her and I brought a lot of pain to myself in doing so. I had to though, and I have no regrets because my TF. My own children and Herself. She has been in denial and the profession that we are both in provides many opportunities and wealth. It is also a trap in many ways and diversions, that have lessons to learn that all that glitters is not gold.

All opportunities carry lessons of life, attached to all that we see and all that we do. It is a maze of intrigue. I am also amazed at where I am NOW.

This blog has give me the space and some appreciated comforts, as well as the understanding that I am not only myself in this same predicament, certainly I am Not alone. My my my, how many others are there out there, who are awakening to the same things that we are experiencing together!!

The similar traits of the TF sequence of events and identical behaviours. Illusional, NO certainly, without a doubt, not. It is bringing out of us, our fears and our Love in so many ways. We can excel to Stay focused and work on ourself, my friend Twin FlameDawning, it is an amazing journey. It is with every moment in the journey.

The light at the end of the tunnel is Our creator holding eternity with a smile. The pain is, our mirror realisation of how much our saviour has suffered to try and convince the world of the love our creator has for US all, and what we could have.

I am not comparing the pain that Jesus felt. I cannot even imagine it. I ask why sometimes and I still cannot get an answer yet. No now else will be loving them as much as we do. Now, when I look back I laugh and as certain as I said that to her, I am certain that I would do so if need be.

Not Yet. We mirror the love spiritually and physically. It is a divine connection. Contentment is within both of US. There is nothing that can compare and jonna is again right. We are only a breath and a heart beat away from them. I adore My TF no matter what. Our Parents have let us go. We let our children go. We are here to mature and grow, but we must decide who we become and what we do. It will all come back to us. I have given My TF the right to come and go into the garden that always awaits her,.

To visit and stay if she chose or wanted to. Pain is a state of mind once we can understand and manage the situation. It only depends on ourselves no one else. Our Ego trips will come to an end eventually and all we will have left is the truth of who we really are. Our Souls do NOT get old. We just beautify our souls through our own realisations that there is No fear really.

There is not materialistic world that is going to last. There is only the truth and our soul at the end. All within eternity and that path is all there is. Thank you TwinFlameDawning. XXX Thank you jonna and All of you for your support. I have read quite a bit of the blog that you have given me as the attachment. Lottos tit is what others wish to believe. I understand the doubt, but I also understand myself and the signs I am getting.

Believe me, I know who my Twin Flame is. I also know that there is something higher than I and Mightier than I. In reality there is much to consider but when things are holy spiritually one does not need to go into smooch detail. I look at things from a very simplistic way of reason.

I question the reality of the meeting myTF. However, I have seen what the purpose is that I must follow. It is certainly not hazed up. It is very clear what I am doing and I am very contented within. I will wait of my TF and she may or may not come back. Thanks for reading my article. Good luck but life is a very, very kind entity yet, We must all surrender to the higher source. I also have this innate calling. It is what it is and the sound is real. I am very in tune with what life represents.

Yes there re a lot of questions. For those who do not believe, well there is plenty of tim along the sheet for them to evolve and learn. I have been too a few things and they are amazingly clear and real. Ian where I should be. Mob faith is real and has brought me to a place of peace. I have alot of family down here so my dad help me move. Since then after i moved my life has changed completely for the better. Ive been to focused on trying to find a job that every time i have down time he pops up randomly lol.

Thank you Jonna for your incredible insight. Like some have already stated; you put words to feelings that we cannot. I consider myself to be fairly intelligent and pretty good with words but when it comes to this connection, I am close to speechless. My connection absolutely refuses to speak because things are so intense and confusing. And this is so unlike me. I would never in a million yrs put myself out there like I have and certainly would never be able to move forward heart wise as I miraculously have been able to do with him.

Thank you SO much!! You are truly a gift from God. Dear M Be strong. You will get your truth and that will be done as the spirit wants. The truth is that we must work on ourselves as we cannot make them see what we see. We are here to support you as best we can. Take care and believe xxx. May I also say there is a profound sense of truth in your words. When reading them they resonate so strongly I know they are the truth.

I speak from my Soul. My divine love is all from above and with immense passion. One that does not actually all come from myself: I have surrendered and as I am not idle but doing all that I can through connecting and meditating with my TF, through telepathic ways, the Holy Spirit and the Kundalini is what I turn to for assistance. I ask for permission to the source and I can tell you: I am getting the support That I am asking for.

God gives us what we need sometimes and not neccessarily what we want. The source does not yell yet we can hear the calling in its silence. If you observe you can see the signs, if you listen you can hear the silence very loud and if you meditate you will move mountains, create rivers of strength and serenity will only be around the corner awaiting your calling through your strong belief.

Your silence will shake the air to become soft yet strong, pleasant but defined with its potency. My TF has just told me that I am his best friend.

We both know that our connection is very unique, special and one of trust and truth. I will try my hardest to be his friend only but any advice? I am hurting but I am at Peace with my creator now after many mistakes. I am myself in a place of complete faith in the Source. It is a state of mind that needs a lot of work to stabilise again. It matures though during this time of trial.

We tend to find ourselves in these situational actions of events by US and our TF, as we label adjectives to express what we feel along the turbulent hurtful moments of need. I believe that the Kundalini make all the sense and it is something that we are born with, at the time of our creation as mirror TF.

Because I have seen that she was living a life of a lie within this third dimensional way of existence, as I put my own opinion on the subject of her living ways. Instead of trying to understand her and her needs.

Yes, I pray a lot now and my mistakes of not stepping back and Not judge my TF has created a a lot of pain. Pain, that if i knew better then, I could have avoided this separation with the strength of knowledge.

Can you stay with them without judging them? Are you happy to do your thing and let them live how they want to live in their own ways of expressions? Well, a way that I expressed to my TF how divine my love was for her in my own way of loving her divinely.

How deeply I loved her even to the point of going through fire for her; I would die for her if I had to, for her to stay alive. We are in a state of our journey of separation.

I pray every day every moment for her and I. My journey is different to yours and you must drcifer what You Both need and where you both need to journey to. Fill your lives with knowledge and philosophy. It is a good vehicle to enlightenment and Peace within your heart.

Find ways that you both love and cherish and find the basics that are simple in your lives as you keep things simple and harmonious.

Always find Peace within yourselves first then together as this will give you both the self love that you both need to compliment one another. It should not be hard as you are TF and that is a gift that was given to you when you were created. Listening to RUMI is an amazing eye opener, music and moments of meditation together if you can.

If he is away from you still do it and connect with each other through your telepathic ways. That in itself is divine. I am here for you. I will be interested to hear what doucejoanna has to say. She is very calming and wise. Thank you so much Giorgio. I believe myself to be evolved both in how I relate to people on a humanistic level I have a Counselling qual and in my personal spiritual journey.

I love my ex, who I separated from a month ago, unconditionally and I consider myself a very non-judgemental person who always wants everyone I love to be happy, whether that means I am in their lives or not. You mention Rumi and amazingly, he has recently introduced me to Rumi as his favourite inspiration. He needs to realise that he is at a place of re union with you.

There is work that needs to be done with letting go of the past. Tell him that if he does ZEN, then he must be aware of that life is an illusion. All that is in the third dimension is an illusion. Spirituality is the Source of our existence. Forget Religions and the representatives.

They too are an illusion. Use what you need and the rest you let go. Only use what is useful. You both need to understand that because you have found your TF it is a calling of Love for yourselves and this creation. The Source created you, yes you will suffer but tough your suffering you will find re-union , Peace and harmony.

You need to invest in the life that the Source is enticing you to work on. The creator created you from the one Soul to unite again as a sign of appreciation for your creation. There are Angels that can and will help you stay in a safety net as other evil forces attack you through deceitful ways to delay your reunion. The Divine Mature love is what your main purpose is as all stems from there.

This is not just your love but this is an example of divine love that others can see to follow suit. Mediate together if you can, work together and help him to understand to be in the moment. This is Alchemy. This is ZEN. You need to work through meditation for your reunion. Answer the calling , it is NOW.

I can hear it, I can see it. My love for my TF gets stronger every day. If your TF does ZEN meditation he needs to evaluate and realise that he too must surrender and strive for re-union with you. Fear is what all of us must challenge. We need to face it and burn it as we destroy the surrender so our path to the almighty is clear and serene, pure without any obstructions and decorated with our presence of the return to the spot of our creation.

Re-union to defy the soldiers of evil. My TF friend, You stay strong and pray. You meditate and connect as you clear the mixture of unclear waters that are between you both.

Yes, It is certainly worth it. By endless Miles of vision and serenity, it is just incomprehensible. The twin flame connection is unlike any other male-female connection and it can be hard to know what to call it anyway. By the way, did you ever have a physical, sexual or romantic relationship with your twin? Do you best to be a friend to him. It may just be the common ground for you to build on. After all, as twin flames you are in it for the long run.

So in a way I am not really lacking anything. Thank you so much for your heartfelt and honest reply, Jonna. I started to be attracted to him in a sexual and romantic way after we had spent time together alone and others around me commented on the fact that they could see his attraction to me. When I started letting go of my own doubts I was still in a long term relationship when we met I realised and felt intuitively that he was feeling it too, but he never said anything and no, we have never been romantic or sexual.

It was when I sensed him making excuses for meeting up that I had to be honest and tell him how I was feeling and what I suspected. He admitted this and we have been very honest about what is happening, and his insecurities from the past are what he knows he has to work on. I believe he will and I have told him I am here for him as a friend and kept the road open to him if he changes his mind about taking us to the next level.

I see now that this relationship is perfect in that it will bring out all of our fears and if we continue to communicate as we have started to do, we will just get closer and closer. I hope that one day he will feel as I do. I would like to post an update on my situation with my beautiful twin. We have continued to spend a lot of time together and have meditated together and separately and this has brought us even closer.

I have also been doing chakra cleansing meditation for the both of us and he has told me that he is really healing on a spiritual level, starting to shed the hurt and insecurities of his existence before we met and that I have helped him profoundly with this. It felt like nothing I have ever experienced and it took us both by surprise how we felt. It was like a home-coming but also very passionate like I wanted climb inside him.

This morning we messaged each other and he is concerned that the connection will somehow bring in low energy to our friendship, he is worried that he was acting out of lust but I have said it was not like that in any way and that our connection will never be tainted.

Is there anything else can say to reassure him? He was brought up in a strict catholic environment and this has shaped his view of sex a lot. I told him that sex is also a spiritual act of love for me and that i am so happy we shared this experience. I did feel i was going crazy and still do sometimes. Thank you for writing this. Beautiful description and very accurate. Divinity would not create such a limited concept. I have had kundalini experiences as you have described with people, with music, with nature etc.

And sometimes, nothing physical came of the experience at all. All another person can do is to share with us — to see the reflection of their Divine Self in us and vice versa. They cannot make us happy, fulfill us or complete us. We are already complete.

No other entity can create or provide that completeness as it is already present. We must remain open to love and sharing from all or we cannot truly transcend into the vastness of our being. Remember, not all are here to journey with us. Spirit does whatever it takes to awaken us to our True nature. Those who choose to journey with us are committed — not ultimately to us, but to Self.

This creates suffering when we place the precious or treasure of bliss outside of Oneself. We must also be aware not to judge bliss as better than anything else or again, suffering is created. It is simply a state. So, we are ultimately teaching ourselves that we are complete already — that we do not need anyone or anything, yet, we are still able to share in love with those that can also share.

The twin flame energies you encounter will not end there with that person alone. Creation is ever-expanding and will challenge you to join with others and eventually, with all of it! As kundalini rises, these energies become full of fire and ignite, allowing for the kundalini fire that rises up through the crown as our advanced yogis have described.

The female and the male within Oneself must fully join and connect for completeness to become a reality. Another can only remind us of this Union. We expand from carnal or earthly love into Divine love. Then, we remember our androgyny — that we are neither truly male nor female in spirit but the perfect union of both.

The true twin flame is falling forever in love and bliss with Yourself — with All! Lovely read! May your experiences be ever-expanding! Love and blessings. Experienced a kundalini rising upon a sexual encounter with this man. I guess anything is possible. How could something so real be a catalyst? Why did Ierge with him? Recognize the negative emotions like pride and especially keep close watch on jealousy as it courses constantly and very subtly under the surface constantly.

Jealousy leads to anger and then to hatred. Hatred is opposite of love and causes heat. It is why we are burning up our planet. Think carefully on that point alone and you will not engage in behaviors that spring from jealousy which create actions that cause harm. Once you train like that very hard- and you will need support. I recommend Garchen Rinpoche- find him on YouTube, or another fully enlightened being, then you will get instructions naturally on how to see your mind.

It is God. It is without beginning or end or middle. It is vast. Once you have that you will live moment by moment mindfully letting all the poison that comes to and over the mind go and only thinking, speaking and acting from the mind-the pure primordial mind of Love which is God. Twins are Love. Twins see their union as God. So you see, you will be in heaven in this very life and though you will have a lot of work to do to overcome the craziness possessing those around you, you will see that all beings at their essence are also pure, also love, also God.

Just your presence in the world will help beings wipe away the crap they grasp to duality and see their true nature love. Your twin will appear somewhere in there. You got this. What a super question you asked. It means you are about to be enlightened. Am sorry if sound preachy. You get merit through good deeds. Practicing generosity and so on. Practice patience. I found a sibling today! Thank you for your awesome question! A soul sibling for sure. You should add me on Facebook so we can message each other.

Your story of a divine marriage is very similar to mine. When we met we went to a dark place and sat alone on a couch together side by side not touching and wow did kundalini come up fast. When our heads were being stretched to and within one another and we realized we had the same brain, saw a huge DNA helix before us with our eyes, and other sacred phenomena I will not mention- all in the matter of moments— we realized we had just been married.

We have been that way ever since. I think we got lucky having the experience before the concept. To be honest, joined at the hip and everywhere else. Even to the bathroom we go together. So think about that. If you want independence, realize that asking for this experience is contrary to that. Your latent psychic talents will appear.

And that is not a lazy path. That is constant work moment by moment and true mind training. That is seeing negative emotions as they arise and calling them out. Only acting on good. So know that! And what is source? And what is God? Pure love. And that is what the twins have going on and what ever major religion teaches at its pinnacle including Buddhism that does not identify anything as a God but teaches Bodhichitta which is Love.

The kundalini Ascension will help that by knocking down the baser instincts of the human brain. One things for sure: nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. That is the three flames at the heart twin flame die bards read about. And those of you who have a close connect to Christ or your guru will know what this is. Even in the bathroom. I swear to God. Thanks again. My twin has re-entered our original state.

Meaning he has displayed leaving his body but he is beyond birth and death now. He got the merit due to his work in this world benefitting millions of people and studying and practicing love. He practiced generosity and love and gave his life in service to help others rarely thinking of himself.

He really did it in this life and that should be good for others to know. It is indeed possible to fully actualize. Am very proud of him. He is my wisdom. Our mind is the same. Our heart is the same. Buddhism helped us tremendously over many years to have instruction in mind training.

I am convinced the ascended masters want such teachings. We are students of His Emminence Garchen Rinpoche. You can find his teachings on YouTube. They are all about loving kindness, compassion, selflessness, method and wisdom. He is a very important Drikung Kagyu yogi. I think a big part of our twin success was that we were guided by him. We have understanding that blows away anything we ever found otherwise. He taught us how to increase and live from love. He taught us truly what it is to be Yab-Yum.

My husband has attained a state beyond Ascension or dimension and as we are are one, lucky me. Be a good twin like mine and do good works to carry your spouse up the levels. Sweetest man ever! Beyond the beyond of transcendence. Transcending the transcendence of transcendence. I feel extremely lucky. I will never believe Twin Flames actually exist or that kundalini awakenings happen. Stay positive and have faith…. You will see that you will not agree with what you wrote. Do not waste time in the Past or the future, wishing.

Work with your Spirit guides and ask them to give you directions in the NOW. Believe, ask the holy Spirit and work towards an inevitable R-Union. Your Soul is always together, always. The is the time of awakening and awakened we are. Be the lightwkrker that is holy and determined with faith. That is what the source wishes to see you do.

Nothing is acheived without hard work. Pingback: Twin Flame and Kundalini — mariasmatrixblog. There are a lot of people out there who claim that they are out there to help twin flame unite but they are only bunch of business minded people who are only looking for money. Who is up for a community for love and no other hidden agenda?

Thanks, Love and Light on your journey, Nirmal from Mauritius. I remember seeming the cosmos, and the explosion and creation of the universe, floating in the beautiful colors of the gaseous universe out there. The I met the creator. My only guess is because I met him during a sexual experience. But then he gave me a message…. My request to the author is the following…. Can you please have your significant other write their story from their point of view.

The whole time 3 years you were gone, what was he thinking? Did he have a kundalini awakening as wel? Did he think about you a lot? Thank u for your time. With love Sunday. I have also been doing Chakra cleansing meditation for the both of us and he has told me that he is really healing on a spiritual level, starting to shed the hurt and insecurities of his existence before we met and that I have helped him profoundly with this.

Reblogged this on iridescent flame. Hi, my name is Stewart Roland Hardy. Ethereally, they are connected through the chakras, especially the heart which is the main link by which these souls are connected.

It can feel as a gentle vibration or heat in the area of the heart. Twin Flames can sense what their partner is feeling: they can even have the same pain or illness.

Feelings of sadness or joy suddenly arriving without explanation, have much to do with what your other half is feeling. The etheric connection is limitless. A pair of Twin Flames can make love thousands of miles away by just thinking about each other. They can do it both consciously those who have already recognized each other as a Twin and unconsciously. Just thinking about each other creates an immediate etheric connection: they can physically feel it like stroking, vibrations, an ecstatic energy that fills the soul with joy, physically and spiritually.

They meet also in the world of dreams, to transmit messages, or just join each other when in the physical plane they are separated. We just need to radiate our unconditional love towards them, knowing that this is the only way that love which always emits a healing energy sent from heart to heart will reach our beloved one, breaking the barriers and obstacles created by ego and mind which are ultimately the cause of separation and escape.

I am experiencing everything you just mentioned for several months now with someone I have never met but online,.. I cannot control it. Pingback: Kundalini awakened by trauma — My Enlightenment Delusion. Reblogged this on smilebacklife. I need some kind of advice please, if you can help me. This story resonates with me in the sense I understood that I was the runner.

I met a man 13 years ago. It was love at first sight. So intense. The attraction was huge. The connection. The love. The curiosity. He saw me, followed me I saw him and he started talking to me. We were both in a very unusual place when that happened. I am not open to have sex freely, I am reserved in sexual encounters. We spent 2 weeks together in his country and it was beautiful. We developed a strong connection. We speak different languages, I am the one who speaks his language.

After that, time we communicated by email and phone calls. I was feeling fear and a deep sadness. I returned to my ex, I loved him but it was nothing comparing it to the feeling I had for this special man. I was very insecure. I thought he was faking everyting, that he was playing with me. He asked me to go and live with him. Then he told me he would wait for me. He was attractive, he could be with any woman, at least, I thought it. At the same time I wanted to be in touch with him, so kept tecting him, but we ended up burning the relationship.

Until by complete I went to his country and the city he was living in. I think he stopped trusting me, too. I felt he was mad at me and felt I was hurting him and me. And I wanted him to be happy and free. I thought I was preventing him to be free. I decided he needed to move up and me too. We needed to forget about each other.

Kundalini is the ancient Sanskrit name for the primal life force that animates all living beings. The activation of this energy, also known as Holy Spirit, Chi or Prana, initiates the process of spiritual growth and enlightenment by unifying our body, mind, and soul. Since it originates from the Divine Source, it leads into an expanded state of consciousness and interconnects us with all living beings — and ultimately God. It also unveils our true nature, nourishing our individual uniqueness and validating our sacred purpose — while encouraging others to do the same.

This seed or spark of god energy lies dormant within us, coiled tightly around our root chakra awaiting the time of our spiritual awakening. Once ignited, the kundalini fire moves up through the rest of the Chakras energy centres , activating each of them in turn by burning away any blockages that it meets on its way, causing negative emotions to rise to the surface to be cleared.

Once all blockages cleared, the energy reaches the top of the head and passes through the crown Chakra, where it melds with the descending flow of spiritual energy, namely universal consciousness and God.

In the resulting sacred mystical experience, known as Kundalini Awakening, we find not only the decisive proofs that God exists but also the secret to living this human life as divine beings.

An awakened kundalini creates a direct connection to the spiritual and divine realms and opens up our intuition; enabling us to receive messages and revelations coloured with inspiration.

It is for this very reason that all spiritual and religious traditions seek the release of this life force energy actively, either through a systematic approach of exercises, breath practise, prayer or meditation. This can happen during a physical or ethereal encounter, and can be intentional or not. This only raises the kundalini temporarily but gives the student an experience to use as the basis. Kundalini can also be triggered or released by an outside force such as a traumatic accident, near-death experience or emotional trauma.

The force required to release the pulsating, creative kundalini energy is atomic — just like the nuclear fusion of the complementary polarities of the energetic bodies of the Twin Flames! When Twin Flames connect this ignites the eternal fire of kundalini within them. The awakening of the Kundalini is a gradual process and the symptoms leading up to the energy reaching the crown chakra producing self-realization and englightenment can take years.

The awakening now emerges from the unconscious interaction with the energy body of our Twin, often cumulating after we have reached a moment of surrender. The resulting atomic fusion then releases the secrets that are locked within our DNA and changes the frequency vibration of the mental body, sparking unity within ourselves as well as with the Divine. This often also includes an incredible sensation of unconditional love, bliss and desire for our Twin Flame.

This does not mean that both Twins are ready for union at this point, it just means that the spark has been ignited and everything from this point on is preparation for their final union together. As the Twins adjust and balance their energies on all levels these entwine and form one single being— with the physical level often being the final icing on the cake. Therefore, in reality the kundalini awakening is the awakening of the oneness they once shared.

Sometimes once we get to close proximity of the physical union with our Twin Flame and look back at the beginning of our spiritual awakening it may seem like perhaps our Twin Flame knew about the connection before we did. There are many resources on the internet detailing the various Kundalini symptoms. Once the kundalini reaches our crown Charkra opens, we experience a full-blown, big bang type expansion of our consciousness.

Often a person will experience feelings of spontaneous bliss and ecstasy, as well as intervals of tremendous joy, love and compassion. The overwhelming pressure on our energetic body caused by the meeting with our Twin Flame and everything this brings to surface to be cleared causes our kundalini to rise faster than it otherwise would. Meeting our Twin Flame is already a very intense event, and having our kundalini spontaneously awaken on top of it can be very unsettling and often hits us with no advance warning.

We have all, including the undersigned, acted in ways we hope we could take back when hit with the kundalini fire.

We may for a while be unable to process what is happening to us properly and become overloaded. When we are hit by all these energies and the deep knowing of who our Twin Flame is, they are often the first and only person we turn to since we are now acutely feeling them energetically. We know undoubtedly that they have something to do with the energies and believe that because of their magnitude they must be feeling something too.

This is also the moment where many become just a bit too obsessive about their Twin Flame, resulting in some desperate behaviours. We should however keep in mind that our Twin Flame may not have had their spiritual awakening yet, and even if they had they might not be able to make any sense of it, and may be just as freaked out as we are, unable or unwilling to share what is happening to them.

Chasing them and coming at them with all the spiritual definitions and Twin Flame theories will only push them further away. It is very important at this point to do whatever it is that you need to do to move the energy along — write, sing, howl at the moon, run in the meadows, cry or laugh like a maniac, see an energy healer and do whatever it takes to find some solid ground to stand on. Your are doing great and probably just as well as anyone would in your situation.

I love writing and found that channelling messages from universal consciousness provided me with an outlet to express the new ideas and the humongous love that I was feeling. As time went on I rarely thought of him, and when I did it was with great confusion about how something that had felt so divine and so grand and right could go so terribly wrong and finish before it had even properly began.

Meeting him had forced me to grow and mature spiritually and emotionally, but even then, in the deep of the night, I often felt empty and alone and an existential crisis was brewing within me.

I had an exciting new job, new house, new friends and a new life with lots of international travel, yet I felt empty on the inside. Is this all? I remember lying on my bed crying, and although I suspected that God rarely looked in my direction, I turned to him in prayer and asked him for help. I said I was ready to accept whatever was in my highest good and I promised that whatever it was I would follow it, honour it and do my best to accept it, no questions asked.

Obviously I had no idea what I was committing myself to! Only a week or so later in April I was driving home from work in the middle lane of a three-lane motorway. Suddenly a car appeared out of nowhere next to me on my left and veered straight towards the front of my car. It all happened very quickly but in my mind I was swearing at the idiot who cut me off and whose fault it was that I was now going to die.

Then I became fully conscious; aware of myself as an observer of my mind chatter. The observer was not bound by time, space, form; nothing could hurt, scare or kill it. This observer knew only love, peace and serenity. We were entangled as one, like a tree wrapped around itself, in an upwards rising double-helix of love surrounded by blissful silence and magical sparkles, out of time and space.

Suddenly I heard the noise of a car breaking. I had no idea who was breaking; was it me or the other car? While I am convinced to this day that humanely I could have not avoided an accident, I was still in one piece when I opened my eyes. It was over in the blink of an eye but it felt like forever. My whole life was in that moment. Love is All That There Is. Nothing else matters. The kiss on my forehead was a kiss of life, not of death.

It was a Welcome home, not a goodbye. It was a new beginning, not an end. It was the reality, not the illusion. I was confused and shaking when I got home. My mind could not process what had happened. I could not for the life in me understand what this man, whom I had only known for a few weeks a couple of years ago, was doing swirling up in what looked like a DNA helix with me, entwined into me as if we were just ONE BEING in love with itself.

A night or two later as I lay alone in my bed wide awake reading I started to notice a series of subtle energy currents running through my body. Suddenly the room was filled with intense white light and a magical silence; and along with it a tremendous vibratory energy. As I felt that energy and light, I saw him, my Twin Flame. He appeared at the end of my bed, bathed in light. I had not been in touch with this man for nearly 3 years but there he was; his body like a vehicle of radiant white light.

I could not make out his features but I recognised him instantly from the energy that he was emanating. It was as if he was transparent; the inside of him filled with a very intense, pure white light which was just breathtakingly and incredibly beautiful.

The brightest part of the light was around his heart, bright as the sun; albeit smaller. In fact, it was so bright that I raised my arm to cover my eyes but I could still see both him and the light. I smiled as I realised I was also filled with this light. In an amazing powerful surge of energy, the kundalini shot through me along my spine, like a pulse of liquid fire.

The energy surge shot out of my heart that then up the centre of my body, and then up toward the top of my head. I involuntarily arched my back, my body pulsating as intense waves of bliss came over me. It felt wonderful, very alive and very real, and it jolted my inner core alive. We melded together, we were ONE.

It felt like my whole being climax; not just physically although it felt like that too but literally MY WHOLE BEING, every single atom within every single cell within me, from my smallest toe to the deepest corners of my brain climaxed and it was pure bliss.

I saw the interconnectedness and non-separation of everything, and I experienced myself as part of the ONE, swimming through a Universe of non-duality, emerging into the sublime, absolute realm of the divine. I travelled through the Universe, seeing galaxies being created from within my own being, feeling the intense closeness of God.

I knew that I was responsible for my own wholeness as the Love that I Am. As I woke up to a new day, I found that everything had changed: I was no longer just another soul swimming in the fish soup of humanity but rather a drop in the endless ocean called Universal consciousness, or a droplet of love vibrating in the heart of God. I realised that even though I was just a droplet within the greater whole, I was also one that contained All That Is within itself.

I had dreams and visions filled with meaning, especially with regards to my purpose on this planet and how this related to my twin flame. After that night, I also found that I could ask any question about creation, life, God — anything, and be answered immediately.

It was a constant discourse with God, or, as I perceived it at the time, a higher intelligence. Along with all this came an undeniable awareness of feeling another person — my Twin Flame — in the ether. He was there, on the inside, and I was sensing what he was sensing, feeling what he was feeling. He was part of my energetic make-up, and an undeniable part of me. At first I thought I was insane or that perhaps my sensory perception jumped up a few notches.

The strangest thing was that at first when the energies started to flow I could not remember one thing about the time I had spent with him.

What I did remember was looking into those intense blue eyes for the very first time and seeing my own soul, the timelessness of it all… I remembered what it felt like to have someone believe in me and accept me. I remembered how he always read my thoughts and knew me like no one else. How he was the only person to ever really understand me.

Every day I tried not to think about it but memories kept resurfacing in my mind, returning to me as clear as if they happened only yesterday.

Twin flames and kundalini energy