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Growing potatoes in tires allows gardeners with limited space to enjoy this vegetable. For many home gardeners, the potato can be a satisfying crop to grow, as growing only 2 pounds of seed potatoes can produce up to 50 pounds of potatoes to eat. Potatoes are a fairly easy crop to grow, especially when starting with certified disease-free seed potatoes. Tires make an excellent raised bed for growing potatoes when space is limited. Each tire stack allows the tubers plenty of room to grow, makes harvesting easy and holds enough potato plants to produce several pounds of potatoes for the family.

Dahmer sexual predator. Quick Facts

On the morning of May 27, , police officers Joseph T. Three women called from the corner of 25th and State, where they stood with a crying, disoriented Laotian boy who was naked and bleeding. When police arrived on the scene, the women were hysterical, telling them that the boy had been hurt and someone had to help him. They were also, at that point, joined by a tall white man with blond hair and striking blue eyes. The man told officers that the Laotian boy was 19 and a lover of his.

Washing bras parasites. Other Versions

Linda Lancaster , a Santa Fe-based naturopathic physician and homeopath, says parasites are at the root of many types of illnesses and suspects that infection rates are likely much higher than CDC data suggests. Amoebas are very common in the summer; I also see them when patients return from traveling to India or Mexico because you can get them from drinking bad water giardia and entamoeba histolytica are common ones. However you contract them, amoebas cause diarrhea. Flukes, or haematobium, are tiny snails that live at the bottom of lakes and in brackish water, and people often contract them from swimming and swallowing the water. There are different kinds of flukes—one that goes to the liver hepatica and one that goes to the bloodstream haematobium.

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Good books for young adult readers. "When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?" by Geroge Carlin

With so many great titles slated for publication, YA lovers will be happily turning pages all year long. From the author that captivated readers with One of Us Is Lying comes a new YA thriller about a small town, sinister secrets, and a doomed homecoming. With enough plot twists to leave you reeling, this captivating mystery will keep you glued to the page. Both horrific and touching, this novel is about humanity, family, redemption, and hope. Aspasia captains a ship dedicated to rescuing women and children from slavery.