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Top definition. The host of 30 Minute Meals on the Food Network. In the time it takes you to laugh your ass off at this program, I'll have made a craptastic and totally artery killing meal which I will try to pass off as healthful from start to finish. Once the EVOO-Extra Virgin Olive Oil-is nice and screaming hot in the pan, add your tasty meatballs" "See, this butter tastes so nutty when you let it brown for a while! A very annoying pseudo-celebrity chef who looks like The Joker from the old Batman movies.

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Female genital tract anomalies including imperforate hymen affect sexual life and fertility. In the present case, we describe a pregnant woman diagnosed with imperforate hymen which never had penetrative vaginal sex. A 27—year-old married patient with 2 months of amenorrhea presented in a clinic without any other complications. Her history of difficult intercourse and prolonged menstrual flow were reported, and subsequent vaginal examination confirmed the diagnosis of imperforate hymen even though she claims to made pinhole surgery in hymen during puberty. Her urine pregnancy test was positive, and an ultrasound examination revealed 8.

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For the first time, doctors are preparing to test a brain-computer interface that can be implanted onto a human brain, no open surgery required. By leaving the skull sealed shut , patients could receive their neural implants without running as great a risk of seizures, strokes, or permanent neural impairments, all of which can be caused by open-brain surgery. In the coming months, five participants with paralyzed hands or mouths that prevent them from communicating will have Stentrodes implanted into their brains. As potentially game-changing as a neural implant that circumvents open brain surgery could be, Synchron is taking things slowly. Before trials can begin, potential participants will need to undergo several brain scans.

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View Slideshow. When you own a few grocery and department store chains and the address of your English getaway is Windsor Great Park, you can take the sun wherever you choose. So it may raise eyebrows to read that, for many years, Hilary and W. Galen Weston rented a series of "little shacks," as Hilary puts it, on Eleuthera and Harbour Island, in the Bahamas, for their winter retreats. In the mids the Westons, who are based in Toronto, decided to build a vacation house in Florida.

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The Playlist Staff. Or perhaps they were just being super cautious about ownership of their brand image. In fact, we were hard pushed to keep this list in any way manageable, and so we really just went with gut instinct on what we did and did not include. One is Weronika, a young Polish singer who dies suddenly, shortly after seeing her doppelganger in a Krakow square. Rhythmically enigmatic, gorgeously elusive and deeply sensual, underneath all the expressive mood, lies a deeply moving and thought-provoking picture.