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Creators and Makers Develop Critical Thinking. Rich, Diverse Curriculum for Initiative and Purpose. Request our information packet and tell us about your child. We offer preschool through high school Waldorf education on our beautiful acre campus and farm in Sonoma County. The school was established in and is the only school in the state with a working Biodynamic farm on its campus.

California private high schools

California private high schools

California private high schools

Creators and Makers Develop Critical Thinking. The Nueva School. Our Monks are the foundation of our community. There are many resources within the school that assist students' academic performance if they cshools, such California private high schools the peer tutoring program, office hours, or simply having a classmate help you out. The 3 pillars speak for itself! Sunday, November 10, 10ampm, in Sophia Hall. You're now signed up for local updates. Diversity: Nonexistent.

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The vibrant community, supportive learning environment, wonderful teachers, and beautiful campus have all contributed to an incredible four years here.

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The vibrant community, supportive learning environment, wonderful teachers, and beautiful campus have all contributed to an incredible four years here. Read 71 Reviews. He looked at many schools when his prior school ended in 8th grade.

We took a leap of faith, as the decision to attend HW meant: he would know very few, if any, HW students; he would catch the daily shuttle at am; and we had very little prior personal knowledge of HW, except by reputation. Hands down, he could not have chosen a better school, both by fit, quality of teachers, close friends he has made, and pure enjoyment of the opportunities HW offers.

As parents with initial reservations, we are one of HW's biggest fans. Yes, it's challenging, but HW's approach to address competitiveness is to be commended. My son said he thinks his 4 years at HW will likely be the best years of his life. Read Reviews. But make no mistake, these are difficult classes! When my girls have had outside tutors, the common response is awe at the depth of the material they are covering in middle and high school.

It is a surprisingly social school too! The kids are always on the group chats with OHS friends talking, goofy around or even watching movies together. The families are also great about getting together often and letting the kids visit each other. The best part is that it is cool to be smart and doing something positive and unique. This is the best type of peer influence you could ask for in high school! Castilleja is an all-girls, friendly environment. The food is absolutely yummy!

The tie ceremony is my favorite event! It means the start of a new and amazing year here at Casti. I love Castilleja School, and when I graduate, will miss it forever.

Read 45 Reviews. I love Prep because of their spanish program that took me to Nicaragua and spurred my interest in public health which is now my major. The teachers truly love their students and their jobs which is why this school is particularly unique. They want you to succeed and they push you to put in the hard work so that you truly are prepared for college. My freshman year began with a smooth transition and I feel capable in taking on my course work as a double major with a minor.

I love this school, I really truly do, and I was there for 6 years! Read 95 Reviews. With that said, the academics are world-class. To those who are looking to apply, the biggest advice I would give is: Don't be afraid of the cost. The school gives excellent financial aid to those who truly need it. Read 31 Reviews. I entered as a freshman and immediately became involved in the sports and clubs they offered. The school offers several ways for students to follow their passions including student-run clubs, classroom projects, and service opportunities.

The school also ensures students grow outside the classroom through international trips and outdoor education trips. I traveled to Nicaragua for a week with peers and teachers to teach the students there English, and it was an eye opening experience. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to go on the trip, and I'm thankful Poly made it financially possible for me to go too! The teachers are also incredibly supportive and make it their priority to help students reach their full potential.

My chemistry teacher met with me before school at in the morning just to go over topics that I was struggling with. Overall, Poly is a great place, and I could not imagine high school anywhere else! Read 97 Reviews. A remarkably low teacher-to-student ratio ensures that each student receives a personalized, tailored, and accessible educational plan with a well-defined expectation of success. Beyond this, students have vast educational freedom.

People have access to an extensive library, couches or isolated workspaces, and peer help. The main drawback is that the administration tries too hard to differentiate us from similar schools. When people tried to chat with friends, we were shut up. When introverts reached for their phones, stern faculty yanked them away. We do something like this every Monday. A remarkable school in terms of education, but the administration is downright terrible.

Read 30 Reviews. As a young adult, my ideas and thoughts, still budding and changing, were honored. My own understanding of the world was molded significantly by every unique individual that I met, each having their own values and judgements.

I am always proud to be able to tell others that I have friends from at least twenty different states and over fifteen different countries. The teachers at Cate were genuine, kind, intelligent, and dedicated adults. Each and every one of them valued the power of education and gave their undivided attention to every student at any time of the day. Read 34 Reviews. College was easy after all the preparation and encouragement I had received at Marlborough.

And now, 25 years out from graduation, I am still in touch with many of classmates and see them regularly - the life long friendships are another bonus! The 3 pillars speak for itself! Citizenship, Diversity and Scholarship! The head of the school is a genius! We are truly blessed to be party of the head Royce family and what a great balance for my son! Very well structured and amazing staff!

We feel at home and our money is well invested! Read 55 Reviews. Teachers are seemingly always available to help out.

Between the students there is also a healthy competition that drives us to make ourselves and each other better. One thing that I would change about Bishop's is the school spirit, we always seem to have a mediocre turnout to things like basketball and football games. Other than that I love attending The Bishop's School. Read 70 Reviews. Harker's athletic directors and coaches work hard to facilitate a high quality student-athlete experience, and they are constantly improving the facilities so that the available equipment is state-of-the-art.

I am sure that the skills of time management and teamwork that I developed as an athlete bolstered my performance in the Harker classroom, and since I was studying so much, it was very healthy for me to be committed to a physical extracurricular activity through team sports.

From my experience, like the teachers who work at Harker, the coaches in Harker athletics care deeply about the overall well-being of Harker students and understand that rigorous sports not only can complement but also can support and extend the rigor of intellectual pursuit. I can't recommend Harker athletics and Harker coaches enough! I recently asked a friend about her year-old daughter and she rolled her eyes, saying "typical teenager! Girls on campus have none of those external pressures.

Teachers and administrators know each girl so well and are so dedicated to the social and emotional and academic development of each one. Only downside is sports are not emphasized, but this not really a school for jocks. While studying in a rigorous academic environment, she often spoke of how there was a spirit of cooperation amongst her peers and how her teachers were accessible.

She was able to participate in many activities - athletics, performing arts, clubs, etc While busy, she wasn't overwhelmed. Thumbs up to Thacher for preparing my daughter well for life! Read 72 Reviews. Many of those schools also offer a pressure cooker culture, and packs of anxious kids.

What differentiates Branson from the rest is that has somehow manages to twin a challenging academic experience with a warm, relatively relaxed environment. This is also a place where kids get a "B" without having a nervous breakdown. This is no small achievement, especially these days! What we're also thrilled with Branson's new administration, who in just a couple of years has managed to dramatically improve the student body with regards to all forms of diversity.

The school is only getting better. Yes, it's in Marin, which is kind of a pain for us. But it's been worth it. Check it out. Windward is truly an outstanding school where our daughter has blossomed into a confident, and well-informed young person. There is a wide range of elective offerings that gives the students the opportunity to explore their interests. Windward teachers are the best part of Windward, as they truly support and encourage their students and provide the necessary methodology and environment for students to reach their potential.

The administration is always cordial, friendly, and forthcoming. Windward is heavily athletics oriented, however, liberal arts are just as vigorously promoted and supported.

Strong STEM as well. All things considered, we couldn't have asked for a better school.

California private high schools

California private high schools

California private high schools

California private high schools

California private high schools.


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Creators and Makers Develop Critical Thinking. Rich, Diverse Curriculum for Initiative and Purpose. Request our information packet and tell us about your child. We offer preschool through high school Waldorf education on our beautiful acre campus and farm in Sonoma County.

The school was established in and is the only school in the state with a working Biodynamic farm on its campus. Thank you for considering Summerfield Waldorf as you embark on the journey of choosing a school for your family. Summerfield is uniquely positioned to engage its students and faculty, creating a learning environment that fosters the awakening consciousness and abilities of students academically, socially and artistically.

Sunday, November 10, 10ampm, in Sophia Hall. Learn about a solar future and donate to the cause while enjoying a healthy and delicious brunch prepared and served by the middle and high school Green Teams.

The Green Team endeavors to make our school greener through projects and presentations on campus. This is an adult event. Summerfield's student Green Team invites you to help us stay green! Learn about a solar future [ It develops empathy, collaboration, and shared responsibility between students, teachers and the world around us, cultivating openness to possibilities and a sense of stewardship.

Course content focuses on giving students an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand while providing them a context to work on themselves as emerging individuals. Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm teaches students to be creative, critical thinkers with a strong moral compass, who are open and resilient, and can turn challenges into possibilities. This approach to learning integrates the arts with academic rigor, and experiential, hands-on activities.

Students are provided with the opportunity to take risks, think imaginatively and embrace new opportunities with initiative, creativity, and resilience.

Summerfield high school students engage in a comprehensive study of a variety of disciplines. Our early childhood program provides children with a calm and joyful experience filled with magic and reverence. The lower school curriculum is dynamic and diversified, offering humanities, mathematics, science and the arts.

The high school curriculum inspires students to be active in their own learning and understand how to educate themselves. Summerfield permitted me to attain an incredible education that emphasized the development of the whole person. Attending school at Summerfield also prepared me to face challenges with optimism and a willingness to try things without fear of failure. My education at Summerfield and the close relationships with my teachers, many of whom I was in the classroom with for years from 1st to 12th grade, prepared me to go out into the world and do work that I believe in, to wrestle with questions and be comfortable with uncertainty, and engage with people in meaningful ways to build relationships.

Request Information. Visit Our School. Fill Out An Application. Walk Through the Grades. Wednesday, October 16th, , am. Morning on the Farm: Early Childhood Event. Saturday, October 19th, , am. Sprites Night.

Saturday, October 26th, Green Team's Solar Fundraiser. Meaningful Learning. Creative, Critical Thinking. A Proven Path to Success. Our Programs. Early Childhood. Lower School. High School. Alumni Testimonials.

California private high schools

California private high schools